Undergrad at the University of Southern California (USC) was one of the most defining times in my life because I got to try almost everything. Things I never knew existed, like real ramen instead of instant ramen (Thanks, Little Tokyo in Los Angeles). Things I realized I actually hate, like…

Process can be a dirty word to some creative types. For designers, whose job is to turn amorphous ideas into physical existence, the process can be an artistic one. But even artists must admit, there is a method to the madness. In A Technique for Producing Ideas, James Webb Young…

Tech brands have gotten on the illustration bandwagon, and the result is a stronger brand presence

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Think of all the places you’ve encountered illustration. Images of graphic New Yorker covers, whimsical children’s books, or artisanal liquor labels might come to mind. In recent years, you may have noticed that technology brands have joined the game, adopting illustration as part of their visual identity.

A few key…

Emma Linh

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