• Yorkali Walters

    Yorkali Walters

    Designer, Brander, Blogger, Photographer, Mac Guy, Christian under construction.

  • Vástago Estudio

    Vástago Estudio

  • Amarylli Suta

    Amarylli Suta

    Learning Brand Development, I write occasionally. Photography-Art-Video Games-Computer enthusiast.

  • Janina Aritao

    Janina Aritao

    Writing about design, while sipping coffee.

  • Taima Hammad

    Taima Hammad

  • Mei Koon

    Mei Koon

  • Jon Manley

    Jon Manley

    Sr. VP Enterprise Sales @ GHA Technologies | Author of the sales strategy book “Stop Touching Base” which releases on 10/27/20 | Host of the Vox114 Podcast

  • Huong Nguyen

    Huong Nguyen

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